TPLM Now Supports Subscriptions!

I am so excited to announce the latest update to my professional Digital Rights Management solution, TPLM. As an end to end Xojo code system there are no plugins required, no black boxes that prevent maintenance. Whether you subscribe to a managed instance or run your own, you have access to the Xojo code that locks down your software.

Launching today Subscription support is now built in to TPLM, an already easy to drop in solution. TPLM will connect to FastSpring webhooks out of the box so developers can quickly link their FastSpring store to their software product.

For more information about TPLM, please visit the website: Read More…

AI Writes Bad Code

It's no secret that a new artificial intelligence has been introduced to the world. The whole internet is in a hubub because it appears to write code. It's apparently so impressive that even Reddit is struggling with multiple threads and constant reposts of the same rehashed content.

While it's incredibly cool to watch, and a nifty idea on the conceptual level, you should review the results you're getting. It's writing bad code. Read More…