Send Transactional Email in Pure Xojo Code for Free With Mailjet

Sending transactional email is an incredibly common need in many Xojo apps. There are a handful of providers out there with easy to integrate APIs, but the other day I came across one very appealing to me, Mailjet (

My pleasant experience with them started in an unlikely way. Someone sent me spam!

Now, I'm the kind of guy who will take five minutes to find out how the spam was sent to me, and report the message to the service provider. Nothing too exciting or out of the ordinary here, just some simple email sleuthing.

That was, until I got a response! I don't normally get responses from the abuse contact addresses. Not even from the big names. Someone at Mailjet took the time to review my report, handle it, and even respond to me. This seems so simple, yet it was so impressive.

Excited by this commitment to anti-spam procedures I checked out more of what Mailjet has to offer. It turns out they have a free-forever tier that allows sending up to 200 emails per day. Why hello there, well within my budget!

I have been digging around in the Mailjet API docs for a couple of hours now, and sent some test emails. I am very pleased with the product and the service. Should Xojo developers ask for my input on transactional email providers, Mailjet is going to be my new number one recommendation.

In addition, I've written an open source class that integrates easily with any Xojo project. It should be very easy to replace an existing SMTP mail system since the class has an array of Messages and sends with SendMail. The idea is to be easy to replace SMTPSecureSocket in existing projects!

Check out the Github project here!