Lifeboat Has Finally Launched!

The day has come. I am so very excited to announce that Lifeboat has finally launched!

Under development for the last year, Lifeboat is finally ready to help developers deploy Xojo Web applications. I built Lifeboat to help developers with all levels of need. I wanted it to be easy to use, but also have the features I need myself to serve multiple clients.

Public pre-release testing began in November, and to my surprise people were interested in supporting it financially even before it was completely ready! I am so very grateful to the early faith and for everyone's continued support. Together we've made over 1200 changes and personally logged more than 315 hours working on Lifeboat.

It's here. It's ready. It rocks.

Lifeboat makes it simple to deploy and manage your Xojo Web applications on a Linux server. Automate server configuration and let Lifeboat juggle the port assignments, system services, and reverse proxy software for running a web app server. Lifeboat is designed to deploy both Xojo Web 1.0 and Xojo Web 2.0 standalone applications.

In addition to the Xojo Web specific tools, Lifeboat offers features to manage static websites. Install and configure SSL in one (or two) click(s) for free with LetsEncrypt integration. Serve static HTML or PHP files to offer visitors a main landing page (or more!)

Lifeboat has so many features to talk about, that for the first time I've even made tutorial videos. They're all under five minutes because time is precious. Lifeboat is all about making deployment easy and fast. If you have questions or get lost, there's a whole user guide explaining as much as I could.

Please give Lifeboat a try! Let me know what you think, my email is always open for comments, suggestions, and bug reports :)

For more information about Lifeboat, please visit the website:

Download Lifeboat and try it for free on Mac or Windows 10: