AI Writes Bad Code

It's no secret that a new artificial intelligence has been introduced to the world. The whole internet is in a hubub because it appears to write code. It's apparently so impressive that even Reddit is struggling with multiple threads and constant reposts of the same rehashed content.

While it's incredibly cool to watch, and a nifty idea on the conceptual level, you should review the results you're getting. It's writing bad code. Read More…

Insights From an Indie Developer Regarding Code-Signing for Windows

Code signing indicates to an end user where / who an executable binary came from and that it has not been modified along the way. That's what it is, that's what it does, that's what it's for.

Both Apple and Microsoft have built systems on top of this concept to encourage developers to code sign their software. While at a glance these systems seem optional, the unspoken reality is that commercially available software needs to be code signed.

While building my software products I found information available regarding Microsoft Authenticode signing to be sparse. Perhaps I can shed some light, perhaps I'm full of crap — let's find out! Read More…

Thoughts on Removing Color From UI

I heavily rely on color to quickly identify elements on my screen. Interestingly, I find the Big Sur style squircles more visible, directly clashing with some opinions. I guess some people recognize shape better while others recognize color.

It’s a shame that we’re moving away from color in user interfaces. It would be just as bad to move away from shape entirely and make everything rely on color. Colorblind people wouldn’t appreciate that, and I don’t appreciate the current trend removing color.

Just a little thought to consider.