Announcing Strawberry Software, Adopting ARGen

I write software. A lot. Like, for a living. I find it enthralling to write a set of instructions and watch them execute. I have no idea why. So to help make my life easier, I write software to help me write software. A lot.

Counting the number of dev tools I currently maintain takes more than one hand. Some are still being built, but I promise you that when they are ready it will have been worth the wait. These apps need a home, somewhere to be found. Plus, buying domains for each one isn’t cheap.

Strawberries have long been a part of my software development since before Answers. A younger me preferred strawberry flavored drinks. Now I prefer fresh strawberries instead. Some time ago, I grabbed the name Strawberry Software as a possible home for my independent releases.

Finally in need of a central location for my developer tools, I think the time is right to announce Strawberry Software. I still operate as Tim Parnell; the Strawberry Software website is just a home for my children. You will see the tools update and move over slowly as I have time.

However, Strawberry Software will be the new home for ARGen as I have adopted ARGen from BKeeney Software! I am quite familiar with the project and have plans, a roadmap even, for its future.

Existing ARGen 3 users should download the latest version from Strawberry Software. This minor update is majorly important, as it will transition users to my license server. I want to be able to support ARGen 3 users as soon as I can, so this update features no other changes.

Should the automatic process fail, the system will accept your original license key and should activate normally. If you have any questions or difficulty please don’t hesitate to contact me.

I have explored so many new and cool things with Xojo these last couple of months. I have so much more to share with you, the trouble is getting time to! Stay tuned, there are many more exciting things ahead.